That Kid's Got Game: Four-year-old boy does trick-shots for 104,000 Instagram followers

He’s the unofficial trick-shot king of Instagram—a four-year-old boy with more than 104,000 people interested in his soccer skills and, in particular, his unique trick-shots.

Matan Shaulov is a playful Israeli boy who displays an infectious smile after making shots that would likely frustrate an adult for hours. It’s as if any situation can be turned into a flex of Matan’s impressive technical skills. Even if it doesn’t involve a soccer ball, like launching a piece of ice across the kitchen table into his sibling’s glass or throwing his crayons back into their container when finished coloring.  

And when he’s not working on his next trick, he’s displaying sound dribbling skills with peers on the playground. Matan is this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game.

Matan was inspired by his uncle, Tal Shaulov, when he was just two years old. So he began imitating his uncle’s moves and his father posted them online. Fast forward and Matan surpassed his uncle by over 80,000 followers on Instagram. Because, at a base-level, a bicycle kick in soccer for anyone is fairly intriguing. It’s astonishing when it’s a toddler. 

When Matan isn’t studying his uncle, he watches Cristiano Ronaldo videos to source inspiration and ideas—way to aim high, Matan. He hopes to play soccer professionally someday. 


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