That Kid's Got Game: high school senior had to 'spice it up a little' with alley-oop to himself

Modesto Christian’s Tyler Williams got way up for an electrifying alley-oop to himself with minutes left in the NorCal SportsTV senior all-star game last Sunday. 

The high-flying action at Los Positas College in Livermore landed Williams on this week’s “That Kid’s Got Game.” The dunk had make-me-internet-famous kind of authority. And for the succeeding days, it circulated Twitter heavily.

Despite a significant amount of scoring action -- with Central leading South 110-91 at the time  -- Williams thought something was missing.

“The crowd had gone dead, probably from seeing the same old thing,” said Williams, per The Modesto Bee. “I had to spice it up a little bit … get everyone going.”

He spiced it up alright. Chants of “uh-ohhh” echoed as the announcer’s audible excitement permeated throughout the airwaves.  And beyond the six-foot-four guard catching the ball with one hand high above his head, or the fierce authority he through it down with, it should be noted that he underhand-hoisted the ball towards the backboard from long-range. 

In an attempt to create some space, Williams lunged at the basket and then swiftly stepped backed behind the three-point line. A pump fake made his defender leave his feet, allowing Williams to start his move and consequently cementing him on the wrong end of the game’s top play.

The video has made its rounds, receiving comments from rappers, athletes and national media outlets. As of Thursday around noon, the video had 19,000 retweets and 53,000 likes on SportsCenter’s Twitter account. 

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