That Kid's Got Game: Kid Magic boys and their wealth of trick shots

The trick shot trio known as Kid Magic has got game. They put together quality content and it has landed them on That Kid’s Got Game

From pool trick shots to launching cookies into a glass of almond milk, Brayden, Riley and Mark are always looking to outdo their last stunt. Brayden, 15, and Riley, 12, are brothers and Mark, 13, is their friend. 

The crew from the Phoenix, Arizona area are fans of other popular trick shot video channels like Dude Perfect and Legendary Shots. They’ve been watching their videos for years.  And so when they wanted to start a YouTube channel two years ago, trick shots seemed like the perfect focus.

Mobile users watch a highlight reel of the boys here

But these trick shots take work. They take patience and perseverance. The boys recall working for their favorite trick shot, one where they tossed a Frisbee about 100 feet into a basketball hoop. It took four days to complete with over eight hours of film time. 

Moving forward the boys want to do “bigger and better trick shots.” 

“We are hoping that we can start doing trick shots in various stadiums/arenas with some professional athletes,” said Aric Griggs, father of Brayden and Riley, speaking for the group. “Since we are getting older, we believe that we are going to be more capable of doing complicated trick shots.”


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