There's a push - and resistance - to change Concord High's controversial mascot

Concord High School is now turning to the public for help as it searches for a new school mascot.

Many teachers, students and parents say it's time to get rid of the school's current mascot, the Minutemen. 

Minutemen are named after fighters from the American Revolutionary War, with a logo showing a Minuteman holding a gun.

The school is now inviting the community to respond to an on-line poll to change the mascot to possibly the Concord Crocodiles, Coyotes or Condors.

Adam Clark, the Mount Diablo Unified Superintendent, said that once the names get narrowed down, the student body will vote.

That will then be brought to the board.

Some people don't like the possible name change.

More than 2,000 people have signed an online petition asking the school and the district to keep the status quo.