East Bay woman with rare disease and facing deportation testifies before Congress

An East Bay woman who is facing deportation while undergoing life-saving medical treatment in Oakland, testified during an emergency hearing before a congressional subcommittee on Wednesday about how she and other families have been impacted by the Trump Administration’s decision to end medical deferred action.

Demolition underway on burned Concord apartment complex

Demolition work is underway on Thursday to tear down what's left of an apartment building under construction in Concord. The building caught fire early Tuesday morning, forcing nearby businesses to close and more than 250 people who live nearby to evacuate.

Plane crash in Concord kills 1

The plane that crashed on federal land near Buchanan Field Airport in Concord Monday morning had taken off from the airport about a hour before the fatal crash, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Debora Villalon reports.

Safety complaints against Concord Safeway

People in Concord have been complaining to city leaders about the Safeway on Willow Pass Road. They say shoplifting is rampant and customers are greeted by panhandlers inside and outside of the store.