Thousands rally in San Jose in support of Palestinians as humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsens

As the ongoing crisis in Gaza continues, thousands of people gathered in support of Palestinians this afternoon in San Jose near Santana Row.  

Many people told KTVU they feel the plight of the Palestinian people has been forgotten. They say the current conflict has been brewing for decades, and they want to see an end to the suffering.   

"This is the inevitable result of 75 years of oppression and a lack of action from the international community to hold the Zionists accountable for its crimes and its genocide," said Rami Asia, with Silicon Valley for Palestine.  

"We demand that the Israeli-apartheid state immediately end all military operations and violence in Gaza and apply humanitarian aid and the return of Palestinians," said a protester who told the crowd she was Jewish.  

The Gaza Health Ministry says 2,450 Palestinians and more than 1,400 Israelis have been killed since the fighting began. The 2.3 million people living in Gaza are struggling to evacuate, and access to food, water, and safety is decreasing by the day.  


"No electricity, no water, no fuel for the hospitals, endless war, this is all provocation," shouted another protester to the crowd.   

After the rally, people marched down Winchester Boulevard waving flags and chanting. 

"There will be innocent people dying, and that’s the thing that sucks about war. Nobody wants that but unfortunately, when people are obsessed with power, they’re willing to sacrifice anyone to keep maintaining that power," said Bilal of San Jose.    

"At least a couple of hundred thousand people will die mostly children, elderly and women. This is something we cannot accept as the international community," said Mahad Abdi of San Jose.  

Gaza’s hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and expected to run out of emergency generator fuel within a few days. Israel is also massing troops along the Gaza border, but a ground strike hasn’t been announced yet.