Tight security planned for NYE festivities in San Francisco

There will be tight security this weekend as thousands of people ring in the new year along the San Francisco waterfront.

 San Francisco police will be out in force along the Embarcadero. There will be a lot of officers in uniform while others will be undercover. 
Tens of thousands of people are expected to pack the waterfront to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks show on Sunday night. 
In an effort to keep an eye on the crowds San Francisco is activating its emergency operations center. 

There is an increased focus on security this year in light of a foiled Christmas day terror attack on Pier 39. Former marine Everitt Jameson is accused of planning the Isis-inspired attack. That plot is part of the reason San Francisco police are on high alert.

"As the department finds any credible threats we'll be sharing that information with our state federal and local partners so that we can make our streets as safe as possible during the New Year's Eve festivities," said Robert Rueca with San Francisco Police," said Robert Rueca with San Francisco Police. 

If you are heading into San Francisco for New Year's Eve there's a new way to stay informed. You can text NYESF17 to 888-777 and you will get safety alerts sent directly to your phone. 
San Francisco Police want to stress there are no credible threats related to the New Year's Eve celebrations. But they want everyone to be cautious and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.