Tighter security for New Year's Eve fireworks celebration in San Francisco

The countdown to the New Year is underway. 

The view off the 8th-floor roof deck at the Hotel Vitale on the Embarcadero is sometimes called the million-dollar view. It overlooks what will be center stage for the New Year's fireworks show. 

"This is the place to be. New Year’s Eve, this is it," said John Remmers, General Manager at the Hotel Vitale. 

The hotel says New Years is the single biggest day for them. They have two dinner services, both have been booked for months, but drop-ins are still welcome to enjoy the bar. 

"The bar is still open to folks, but we are very limited in seating like I said, the restaurant has been sold out," said Remmers. "So, get here early for that and then you can walk across the street and watch the fireworks."

Visitors like the Jones family from Mississippi are settling in for what promises to be a world-class show. 

"It's probably not as spectacular as here,' said Robyn Jones. "We have the fireworks. We usually have gatherings and parties at the house. But, here we're going to experience it outside. So, it'll be fun."

San Francisco police say at this time there are no credible threats. But, police are asking revelers to be on alert for unusual behavior or items, and say if you see something say something. Officers will be on duty throughout New Year's Eve into New Year's morning. Crews will staff neighborhood stations and will saturate some of the areas expected to be busy, including the Embarcadero. 

"In the high traffic areas, we will have officers hidden away if you will. In positions where they can observe the crowd and be alert for any potential problems before they happen," said Sergeant Mike Andraychak from the San Francisco Police Department.

Officers are also reminding partiers that drinking in public is against the law. Officers will at the very least ask people to pour out their alcohol if they spot it. 

They also say when it comes to drinking and driving there are no excuses. 

"There are a myriad of opportunities in the Bay Area," said Andraychak. "From public transit, BART, Muni, CalTrain. To Uber, Lyft, taxis use a designated driver. There's really no reason to drink and drive."

To get all those people in and out of the area, BART will be running special service to and from the city.