TIP BOMBERS STRIKE AGAIN: Virginia server surprised with massive $1,010 tip

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It’s an annual holiday tradition that has now been pulled off for the 14th straight year. This year, a group of strangers known as “tip bombers” gave a surprise to remember to a Virginia woman whose life hasn't been so easy over the past two years.

Liz Heron lost everything in a fire at her Reston home in 2015, including her four pets that died in the tragic blaze. She works as a waitress at Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern in Herndon. But on this day, after serving a group of customers for lunch, they left Heron a $1,010 tip on a $125 bill.

“Overwhelmed – so thankful,” she said. “I don't even know what to say. I'm so happy.”

After the surprise happened, we went inside the restaurant and found Heron in a back hallway overjoyed and hugging a co-worker after she received the extremely generous tip.

“She lost everything, so they gave it to the right girl,” said Heron’s boss.

Heron said she was injured in the fire and still has medical issues. She recently moved back into her home and said this money will definitely help.

“It gives me hope for humanity,” she said. “There are still people with huge hearts out there and that means so much.”

Heron said she immediately gave $100 of the big tip to one of her co-workers. She plans to donate some of the money and will use the rest to buy some gifts for friends.

These tip bombers randomly choose the places they go to each year. There is no advance notice and it is always a surprise.