Toddler battles cancer as parents exchange vows in hosptial

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A bride and groom stood by their son in a children's hospital as they exchanged vows.

The couple had planned to get married in 2018 but since their son has brain cancer and can’t leave the hospital, they moved up the date of their wedding.

Celia and Geff Kinzel were married in a chapel at Nationwide Children's Hospital on Jan. 7.

Their youngest son, 2-year-old Logan, was in their arms during the ceremony.

Logan, along with his brother Rowan, and Geff all had superhero ties on. Wedding photographer and family friend Megan Freemen tells KTVU, "That's always been the theme since Logan was diagnosed last year, that he's our real life superhero."

She says it was a small wedding with more than 30 people in a tiny room. "The wedding day (sic) itself was just so special because it just goes to show that it doesn't matter where you tie the knot, it doesn't matter if it's a huge fancy wedding or in a 20x20 room with 30 plus people crammed inside...if the love is there, it's so special. I couldn't get over the look on Geff's face as he looked at Celia standing up there, holding their son. It was very raw and real."

Freeman says, "Something tragic like this couldn't have happened to better people, but it always seems to go that way. But it really doesn't get them down like you would imagine it would. They're always so cheery when I see them and so full of hope and confidence that Logan can kick this thing in the a**." 

Celia's mother took a photo of the three walking back to two-year-old Logan's hospital room after the ceremony.

Logan had to have a surprise procedure following the ceremony. "They just take things like that in stride and it doesn't shake them. I admire them so much and I was happy to help out that day," said Freeman.

Celia hopes the photo will raise awareness for children fighting cancer.