Touching video shows first moments hearing impaired infant hears mother's voice

A three month old baby from Australia is seen giggling and cooing with delight when he is fitted with a hearing aid and hears sounds for the first time, including the voice of his mother.

Baby Jordan Blair was born with a hearing impairment. Hearing loss runs in the family, according to aunt Renae Richardson.

Family members say he failed the hearing tests given in the hospital shortly after birth.

Then at three weeks old, the infant fell ill with bronchiolitis and was admitted back into the hospital. The condition caused fluid to build up in his ears, further complicating his hearing problems.

The fluid build-up made it difficult to diagnosis the severity of his hearing problem, according to family members.

They say Jordan did not react to much around him, so they feared his hearing impairment was severe. 

Jordan was born with other conditions including laryngomalacia, which makes breathing difficult, and was also recently diagnosed with rotavirus, a virus that infects the intestinal tract.
With all of his health complications, Richardson says that in Jordan's short life, he's made some two dozen visits to the doctor's office as well as numerous trips to the hospital.

She noted what a monumental moment it was for little Jordan when the hearing aid was clicked on, saying he has spent most of his life screaming and "in pain so you can imagine it was lovely to go to this appointment" and witness him laughing and cooing like any other baby.

On Facebook, Jordan's mother Taryn posted videos of that moment. She wrote, "He loved his rattle sounds. Put a smile on mummy and daddy's face!"