Train strikes bicyclist in Rohnert Park, second time in as many days

A SMART train hit and killed a bicyclist on the tracks in Rohnert Park on Friday, about 24 hours after a  homeless woman was killed by a commuter train in the North Bay the day before.

SMART Train tweeted about Friday's strike just before 7 a.m. His identity was not immediately released. 

This follows an eerily similar event on Thursday, just before 8 a.m. when a northbound SMART train struck and killed the woman at the Golf Course Road crossing in Rohnert Park. Friday's strike was in the same general area, a spokeswoman told KTVU. 

Rail death associated with growing homeless population

Witnesses to the Thursday death said the woman spent time at the homeless encampment near the tracks as well as another homeless encampment across the street. 

"She's been contacted along with other individuals and warned about the issues being so close to the tracks and how unsafe it is,"  SMART Train Police Chief Jennifer McGill said on Thursday. 

Several people said the woman was very belligerent to authorities. 

Railside homeless encampments are a problem plaguing railroads all across California and the nation. 

Jennie Lynn Holmes of Catholic Charities in the North Bay says railroad tracks are particularly attractive to homeless people. 

Once cleared, the encampments often pop up in another nearby location time and again. 

At least six people have now died on the SMART tracks since it opened less than two years ago.