Transit love is a thing: Couple takes adorable engagement shoot on BART platforms

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Transit love is indeed a thing. And despite some unsavory sentiments about traveling on the public trains, Andrew Houston and Anjelica Dill-James want to show the world they love BART.


They fell in love at BART. And they took their engagement photos there about two months ago, gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes on the platforms at the West Oakland and 12st Street stations. She’s wearing a beautiful pink dress and heels. He looks dashing in a button down and blue slacks. UC Berkeley student Cecilia Villalobos acted as their engagement photographer in June.

“We met at BART and we ride to work every day on BART,” Houston told KTVU.

He used to be a BART attorney, and she still works in the IT department. The two live in San Leandro, on the BART line, of course, and spend their mornings commuting and chatting with each other before he hops out at 12th Street and she, one stop after. 

On Monday, BART Twitter account decided to cash in on the romance, saying their the agency's "heart melted into a puddle," and then asking “if your dearly beloved proposed to you in a BART station, which would you choose and why.”

Some people decided to jump on the negative train, mentioning sarcastically that the Civic Center in San Francisco, with all the drug use and smell of urine, would be a lovely backdrop for a proposal.

But some people reminisced fondly: “North Berkeley, where I got my first kiss.” Another mentioned Walnut Creek with a nice view of Mount Diablo. 

They're also not the only couple to get down on one knee at BART. Mischa Photograpy boasts happy pictures of this couple sliding down a banister at a BART station in 2015.

As for Houston and his fiancée? The two plan to wed in Ireland next year. It’s likely that they’ll hop on the Irish Rail when they’re there.