Travelers must find a different way to hydrate: SFO no longer selling plastic water bottles

Travelers headed to San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday need to find another way to hydrate.

Plastic water bottles are no longer being sold at SFO.

"This new policy is really kind of one that supports our sustainability goals," SFO Spokesman Doug Yakel said last week. 

Instead, passengers can bring their own water bottles to fill up at one of the 100 water stations at the airport, or aluminum, glass or BPI-certified compostable water bottles are available for purchase.

"I actually think it's a really positive mood. I'm really proud of the city of San Francisco and of California for being aware and taking some action to save our planet," passenger Debbie Dubois said last week.

SFO officials say that 10,000 bottles of water are sold every day at SFO and the airport's goal is to send zero waste to the landfills by 2021. 

Soda, tea and juice will still be sold in plastic bottles; the ban only applies to water. 

SFO also requires food spots to only offer compostable straws, dishes, cups, utensils and condiments.