Trump accusers band together, seek congressional probe of 'sexual misconduct'

Three women, who previously have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct, banded together Monday to call for a congressional investigation into the president – in what could be an opening effort to shift the sexual harassment spotlight from Congress to the White House. 

The women revived their allegations during a press conference and television interview in New York City. 

Trump has long rejected the accusations from over a dozen women who have made such claims against him, and the White House called the revived accusations "false." The three accusers spoke out Monday following high-profile resignations last week on Capitol Hill over misconduct claims.

“I ask Congress to put aside their party affiliations and ask that they investigate Trump’s history of sexual misconduct,” Rachel Crooks said during a press conference in New York City Monday. "If they were willing to investigate Senator Franken, I think it's only fair that they do the same for Trump." 

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