Twins separated in marathon surgery in Westchester

The outlook is good for conjoined twins who were recently separated during a rare surgery in Westchester. The hospital says this procedure is the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley. It took two days to complete. Little Ballanie and Bellenie were separated during a rare and complex 21-hour procedure at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, part of Westchester medical center, in Valhalla.  

The 11-month-old twin girls and their parent live in the Dominican Republic. A family friend told them about the specialists at the children's hospital, so they contacted doctors for help. Now, their dreams have come true.

The babies were connected at the base of their spines. The surgeons say words from the baby's father gave them courage and strength.

Doctors say the prognosis for Ballenie and Bellanie is very good. They'll be spending several weeks in recovery at the hospital.