Two California $50K vaccine lottery winners have not been found

California is still looking for two of the 15 winners of the first Vax for the Win lottery drawing.

Each winner is getting a  $50,000 prize from the drawing that happened last Friday.

The winners came from these counties:

Three people from Los Angeles, three from San Diego, three from Santa Clara, two from San Francisco, and one each from Orange, San Luis Obispo, Mendocino and Alameda.

The winners were not identified by name, only a number related to their vaccination records. 

It's not clear what county the two winners live in, or what will happen if they never come forward.

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KTVU on Thursday reached out to the California Department of Health to find out if there is a deadline to accept the money and if two new winners' names will be drawn.

The state is conducting cash-prize drawings for people who have received at least one COVID shot. 

Vaccinated people also have a chance at a $1.5 million grand prize.

The next drawing will happen Friday. 

There have also been scams associated with this new state lottery system encouraging people in California to get vaccinated.

 Reliable information and details of the Vax for the Win program can be found here.  



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