Two dead in multi-vehicle crash involving tour bus, big rig on I-880 in Hayward

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Two people died following a multiple-vehicle collision involving a tour bus and a UPS big rig that blocked all lanes of northbound Interstate Highway 880 in Hayward for more than seven hours, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The CHP said the collision was first reported around 10:40 p.m. Tuesday and involved four vehicles, including two cars, a UPS big rig and tour bus from San Francisco, which wasn't carrying any passengers. According to the CHP, the victims who died were driving in separate motor vehicles, not the big rig or tour bus. 

Traffic was being diverted on northbound at Alvarado Niles Boulevard.

The CHP said it appears as though the tour bus was in the middle lane when the driver approached stop-and-go traffic, and then slammed into the car in front of it. That car swerved to the left and the tour bus continued on, hitting a second car, pushing it into the big rig, the CHP said.

The drivers of both the tour bus and the big rig are cooperating with investigators. The tour bus company had a sign, San Francisco Buses, on the side. A dispatcher said the company is aware one of its buses was involved in a collision, bu the dispatcher said he hadn't heard from the CHP or the driver.

The CHP reopened all the lanes at 6 a.m.