2 intruders disrupt Alameda High School in separate 'scary' incidents

Two separate and disturbing intrusions scared students at Alameda High School on Tuesday.

The first intruder was a former student who, according to classmates, had said he would "shoot up the school" years ago, Alameda Unified said in a statement. The second was a man who reportedly entered a classroom, touched a girl's face and then asked two other girls if he could kiss them.

"We know these incidents sound scary and would like to emphasize that AHS staff continually discuss and plan for such intrusions and knew to call APD quickly for both intrusions," said Alameda Unified. 

In the first case, the former AHS student came onto campus late in the morning and began acting erratically, school officials said.

"A group of students filmed the man and promptly brought it to the office," said Alameda Unified. "Office staff alerted campus security, and they found him in Kofman Auditorium, talking to a dance instructor."

The man then went to the front office where Principal Ithurburn stopped him, authorities said. 

Police were called, and the former student was identified and removed from campus around noon. However, AHS staff called officers again to check back on the intruder, as he had alluded to students he would "shoot up the school" years ago.

Later in the afternoon, around 3, a different man invaded a classroom, and touched a girl's face, authorities said.

"The teacher asked the man what he was doing," said Alameda Unified. "The man left the room, encountered two girls in the hall, and asked if he could kiss one of them."

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School officials said the teacher then followed the intruder out of the classroom, and he fled the building before staff could implement a lockdown.

The teacher reportedly followed him all the way to the Fruitvale BART Station and asked BART police for help.

BART officers took a picture of the man, but he was lost at the station, officials said. APD is assisting in the investigation to identify the man, they said.

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"We plan to assist the police department in their investigation in every way possible and will also be debriefing and reviewing our own response with the Alameda High team, including safety protocols, campus supervision responsibilities, and other safety related measures," the district's message said.

It's unclear if the first intruder was deemed safe, or whether he remains a threat to the school. KTVU has reached out to AUSD for further information.