Two siblings killed in San Jose crash remembered as hard-working, helpers

Two young siblings will be laid to rest on Thursday after they were killed in a car crash last week in San Jose. Police said the driver who hit them ran a red light trying to evade an officer.

25-year-old Precious Nievas and her 22-year-old brother Phillip died minutes away from the family home. As the family is making funeral arrangements, the 18-year-old driver was arraigned Tuesday.

"This is a very difficult time for me because I lost my two children," said Al Nievas, Precious and Phillip’s father.

Nieves’s two children were taken from him tragically and together. Precious is the oldest of five described as selfless and hard-working. Middle son Phillip described as a competitive video gamer and also a helper.

"I can't even imagine this is happening to me," said Al Nievas.

Five years ago, Nievas moved his family from Manila in the Philippines to the United States for a better life. On April 26, he said his heart broke.

Precious and Phillip were driving home from work. They attempted to make a left turn onto Mitty Way when they were broadsided by a speeding white Honda Accord driven by 18-year-old Robert Garcia of Morgan Hill.

Court documents reveal a sheriff deputy was trying to stop Garcia after he made several lane changes and a U-turn without signaling.

Instead of stopping, Garcia accelerated, ran a red light, crashing into Precious and Phillip’s Camry pushing it 250 feet landing against a sound wall.

"It’s just so unlucky," said Patrick Nievas, Precious and Phillip’s brother. "It’s so unfortunate because they are three minutes from our home."

Precious was seen as a mother figure. The children’s mother died from leukemia when they were young.

"Precious’s name pretty much describes herself so very well," said Precious’s boyfriend, John Clemente.

Clemente said he lost the love of his life.

"I was actually planning on proposing to her in the next few years when we were finished with school," said Clemente.

Amid his anger, he’s praying for the suspects.

"Just have them find faith, have them come to a realization that life is short," said Clemente.

Precious and Phillip worked at Cephied in Sunnyvale. Co-workers wrote how much they're missed. The family leaning on faith to pull them through.

"Whenever you guys have the chance, hug your loved ones tight and tell them you love them before it's too late because we can’t anymore," said Clemente.

Garcia broke his back and clavicle in the crash. He’s out of the hospital. He’s been charged with two counts of murder for using a dangerous weapon. His bail set was set Tuesday at $1.5 million.

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