‘Uber of flying’: Private plane trips are here – and flights cost from $102

If you ever dreamed of flying a private airplane, that could now become a reality – at an affordable price.

KinectAir, a digital platform that started offering on-demand private air travel in 2019, is now booking private aircraft bargains.

"Gone are the days when you need a broker to find aircraft to coordinate where you want to go," a spokesperson for KinectAir told FOX Television Stations. "You’ll be surprised to see how flying with friends, family, or business partners in the privacy of your aircraft is often less than a first-class ticket on an impersonal airline. We’re luxury at pocket-friendly prices."

The airline allows passengers to create an itinerary and choose an aircraft type to fit their budget. 


Interior of KinectAir plane (Credit: KinectAir)

"KinectAir is ‘Opening the Skies’ by making private flight available to a larger demographic," KinectAir co-CEO Katie Buss told FOX Television Stations in a statement. "One way KinectAir does this is by utilizing fuel-efficient aircraft types. The reduced cost of fuel not only means a cost savings for the passenger, but also means a greener flight." 


Earlier this month, KinectAir started offering "empty leg" flights starting at as low as $102 per seat. (Credit: KinectAir)

Earlier this month, KinectAir started offering "empty leg" flights starting at as low as $102 per seat. The empty leg marketplace displays pre- and de-positioning legs that would otherwise be flown empty.

This new approach has prompted many people to call this new airline service the "Uber of flying," and KinectAir said it welcomes the comparison.


View of KinectAir app (Credit: KinectAir)

Like Uber, KinectAir's mobile app puts its aircraft inventory on demand, making it easily accessible to everyone.

"We hear KinectAir is the 'Uber of Flying,’ Buss continued, adding, "Like Uber, we have an easy-to-use app and prices are displayed up front – clear, easy, transparent. We applaud Uber's efforts in transforming the way people think about personal mobility. We want to do the same thing, but in that 50-500 mile sweet spot, flying direct from the local airport down the street means more comfort, more personalization, more joy, and perhaps most importantly, more time with the ones you love." 

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The team said it plans to continue improving its app’s user experience into 2024. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.