UC Berkeley offering 'adulting' course to teach valuable life skills

Much of adulthood has to do with trial and error or just figuring things out as they come, but with that comes great responsibility—budgeting, 401(k)s, keeping track of your identification documents, (i.e. social security card, birth certificates) and a slew of other things. 

"Adulting" can be rough especially with life's unexpected curveballs sometimes in the form of debt collectors or car troubles. 

There's no predictable way of becoming an adult, but there are ways to assist in making a smooth, but bumpy, transition. 

The University of California, Berkeley has designed a course that teaches students how to survive in the real world. 

The adulting class was created through the university's student-run DeCal Program 

The curriculum will focus on everyday living issues ranging from filing taxes to managing stress. 

When the course debuted in the spring semester, 100 students signed up to fill the class' 30 seats, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Two classes will be offered in the fall. 

One important thing to remember, the most essential part of adulting is simply existing.