Pep rally at SF0 launches 49ers fans to Los Angeles

United Airlines, a partner to the San Francisco 49ers, says several of its Friday and Saturday flights from SFO to LAX were full to capacity with 49ers fans.

Saturday morning, the airline took over gate E-3 at SFO to hold a pep rally for the many fans headed south.

"I've never been to a championship game before," said Andrea Garzouzi of Cupertino. "It's a great one to be my first away game."

Among her and the dozens of fans waiting to board a plane, were musicians from the 49ers drum line and mascot Sourdough Sam in a jersey. Fans were also given a small 49ers playoffs towel.

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"We want to bring that stadium feeling so that fans, when they get off the plane in LA, they're ready to go," said Maddie King, a spokesperson for United Airlines. 

"I don't want to get too cocky at the end of the day, we're not playing the game, but the Faithful, if they travel, they can bring a lot of excitement," said John Buchman of Redwood City. 

"I think that's going to be the case this time," said Jean Toulouse of Foster City.

The team flew into Los Angeles Friday night. Vivid Seats predicts about 65% of SoFi Stadium will support the 49ers. They've won six straight against the Rams, including a come from behind overtime victory to qualify for the Wildcard playoff spot.