University of California tuition to remain unchanged for California residents

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By Bay City News Service

In-state undergraduate tuition at the University of California will remain unchanged next year, University President Janet Napolitano announced Wednesday at meeting in Sacramento. 

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to two UC schools, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at Santa Cruz. 

University officials said that this is the seventh time in eight years tuition has remained flat even though costs have been rising and enrollment is growing. 

In a statement, Napolitano said, "We are optimistic about our strong partnership with the governor and the legislature and will work collectively to identify additional resources, in lieu of tuition revenue, to 
ensure that UC students can succeed." 

UC tuition hikes have been controversial in the past. About 50 union workers shut down a UC regents meeting in 2017 over a proposed tuition hike and labor negotiations with the university. 

Tuition remained steady last year, but regents approved the proposed hikes in 2017, the first in five years. 

The jump in 2017 brought tuition to $12,630 plus fees for California residents and $40,644 for out-of-state students. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom in January unveiled a budget plan that university officials see as beneficial to addressing the school's 2019-20 budget plan. 

That plan includes money for helping students obtain their degrees and be successful, expanding mental health services and for addressing student housing and food insecurity concerns.