UPDATE: Police have confirmed one of the suspects who attacked a bus driver has turned himself in

UPDATE: Police have confirmed that one of the suspects who brutally attacked a school bus driver has turned himself in. 

For three years, bus driver Rebhi Mohammad has taken the same bus route on Detroit’s west side getting kids home safely. Until Friday when a minor fender bender led to two men boarding on his bus and brutally attacking him while the kids watched in fear. 

“I opened the door and they jumped in and the minute they walked in, they started hitting me, “said Mohammad. 

Now, black eyes are a constant reminder to Mohammad of the brutal attack in front of a dozen kids, some just 5-years-old. 

“Why did you do that?” Mohammad said “I didn’t hurt you. I didn’t know you before this and you already hate me.” 

Mohammad drives for Multicultural Academy near Ann Arbor. His route takes him to Detroit’s west side where his students live, many who are Syrian refugees. 

Friday he was near Tireman off Asbury Park when he made a turn clipping a car. The presumed owner of the car and another man approached, then rushed inside.

“These guys just started hitting me for no reason,” said Mohammad. 

The kids ran to the back of the bus. One child yelled “stop”, but the attack was constant for about a minute. Before running off, the suspects stole Mohammad’s cell phone and the keys to the bus, leaving him stranded. 

The students then went to a nearby parent’s home to keep warm while Mohammad sat there bleeding and waiting for the police. 

“For me these kids are like my grandkids or my own,” said Mohammad. “I will protect them one way or another.” 

Detroit Police say the men are still out there and they're hoping someone recognizes them from the video.

Mohammad is still recovering from his injuries and he is scared to go back there. 

“Why the hatred inside these people I have no idea,” said Mohammad.