Use of force police policy sparks debate in San Francisco

A proposed policy that's causing a lot of controversy in the San Francisco police department will be discussed on Wednesday.

It has to do with whether police can shoot at a moving car.

The Police Officers Association do not agree with the proposed policy.

City leaders are saying officers are standing in the way of reform.

A video in response to this issue was released by the San Francisco Police Officers Association several days ago. It shows a driver headed through a crowd of people. It points to the terror attack in France on Bastille Day when a driver plowed through pedestrians with a truck.

The ad says many will die or be injured if officers are not allowed to shoot at cars to stop a threat.

The POA does not support the commission's proposal which prohibits officers from shooting at moving vehicles because they think it is restrictive. 

Later Wednesday the police commission will be meeting to discuss the proposed policy.

The Board of Supervisors approved the commission's recommendation and urged police officers to stop disputing it. 

These proposed changes come a year after the deadly shooting of Mario Woods.

We'll be reaching out to all those involved to get more perspective on this.

Stay with for updates on this developing story.