Vacaville Farmers Market opens with strict rules amid pandemic

After a two week delay, the Vacaville Farmers’ Market opened Saturday morning for the season with strict rules in place to follow health guidelines.

Farmers’ markets are considered essential so the opening doesn’t go against Solano County’s shelter in place order, but this year’s market in Vacaville looked very different.

Fewer booths, no hot food, crafts or live music were just some of the changes made. The idea is to get people in an out as fast as possible per City of Vacaville officials.

Gloves and masks are required for sellers, booths are set up 10 feet apart, customers can’t touch products and at least two people need to man booths, one person will handle produce and another will handle money.

To control crowds, customers were let in and out of a certain area and hand washing stations and hand sanitizer were set up.

“I like how they’re keeping things separate and people are being very mindful,” said customer Kathy Bueno, but it’s been a frustrating adjustment for farmer Ben Lyons with Lockewood Acres.

“They’re doing what they’re recommended to do, so in order for me to make a living I must comply. I don’t like it, but I have to.”

Lyons wore gloves and a mask at his booth. When asked if he was excited about the market opening he said, “It’s kind of a two-edged sword. Excited about getting my freedom back as opposed to somebody else telling me what to do.”

The farmers’ market was originally supposed to open April 18. Now customers can stop by Creekwalk Plaza at Andrews Park every Saturday from 8am to 12pm until October 10 to get what they need.

“I’m very excited the farmers market is open for us even despite the restrictions it’s worth it,” said customer Autumn Artau.