Vallejo crash that claimed innocent driver's life caught on video

It happened in a split second. 

Surveillance video obtained by KTVU captures the moment a suspect evading Vallejo police crashes, killing the driver of another car.

The suspect gets out but can't open the passenger door.  So he runs off.

"Apparently he was a robbery suspect, and now he's killed a guy, and he evaded the cops, and now it's worse for him, too," said witness Jose Lopez.

The crash happened at Springs Road and Tregaskis Avenue at about 5:40 p.m. Wednesday.

The suspect was speeding west on Springs in a Toyota Avalon when he clipped a Toyota Tundra, which spun into a parked car and flipped over. 

The driver of the Tundra, Hudson Standley, 58, died at the scene.

Seconds later, Vallejo police arrive, but the suspect is long gone. 

The officers realize a woman's is sitting dazed and injured in the passenger seat of the smashed Avalon. She was taken to a hospital. Police found a loaded gun inside the car. 

"Poor girl, just hanging out with the wrong kind of people," Lopez said.

Lopez was working at a nearby barber shop. He says both the suspect and police bear some responsibility for the tragedy.

"The cops they gotta, they're just doing their job but, I mean, also like it's such a high-speed chase on such a small street, it's dangerous too," he said.

Police say the Avalon matched the description of a car wanted in connection with armed robberies. One video shows the moment a Vallejo officer spotted the car at Tennessee and Tuolumne streets. 

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After the officer activates lights and sirens, the Avalon takes off and refuses to stop.

Vallejo police Sgt. Rashad Hollis said officers were trying to catch up to the suspect at the time he crashed. One video shows an officer about 15 seconds behind the car, roughly the same time difference at the moment of the crash. 

"This is a sad occurrence for everybody," Hollis said. "I have my condolences for the family."

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