Vandals frustrate Brentwood communituy, repeatedly use eggs on homes & vehicles

Police in Brentwood are on the look-out for several vandals after at more than a dozen homes and vehicles have been hit by young people throwing eggs over the last month. 

New surveillance video from Brentwood Police shows two males walking up to a home and attempting to kick in a door. This is the latest in series of crimes happening around the city of Brentwood. 

"Our agency has investigated a rash of vandalism involving a group of suspects who are using raw eggs to target vehicles and residences in the community," says  Brentwood Police Lt. Walter O'Grodick. 

One picture shows broken eggs on a driveway and the victim's vehicle.  Surveillance cameras captured a person throwing an egg from a white SUV.  Another video shows a male first practicing a wind up before unleashing at least three eggs.

Police say the incidents usually happen between 1:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.  "It's created frustration in some of these victims that have been targeted or suffered the damage that these suspects have caused. We are fully aware of that and we want the community to rest assured that we're doing our very best," says O'Grodick. 

Police say there have been well over 20 incidents reported.  Although one victim says he knows of at least 50.

For fear of retaliation, none of the victims wanted to talk on camera. One man, we spoke with estimates the damage to his property to be around $10,000. 

"Every act of vandalism is a misdemeanor and is a chargeable offense. Anything that causes damages of $400 or more they could face felony charges," says O'Grodick. 

Investigators say there hasn't been a pattern to the vandalism and the cases have been sporadic. Police did say two of the more than 20 households have been victimized multiple times.  Even though officers can't tell the age of the suspects. They say their parents also need to be worried.

"If these suspects do turn out to be juveniles their parents could be held liable for their actions as well," says O'Grodick

Police say many of these videos have been distributed over social media. Brentwood Police has designated a detective to this case who is monitoring those videos and post related to them.