Vandals target Mill Valley church sign after message supports gay couples

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (KTVU) – Vandals hit a Mill Valley church's message board after a statement supporting gay couples during the Supreme Court debate was posted.

The sign in front of the Mt.Tamalpais United Methodist Church read "Jesus had two dads and he turned out just fine."

"He has an earthly father in Joseph and a heavenly father in God. A statement of fact in our point of view," said Rev. Kim Smith, the church pastor.

But that's not how everyone saw it.

Last Sunday night vandals painted over the words "two dads" and "church."

The church says it was showing solidarity with same sex couples during the Supreme Court hearing on marriage equality last week.

"It's sad that someone had to anonymously deface a church sign, a church message. And it's upsetting of course," said Smith.

Members of the church say they can't believe that would happen in Mill Valley.

Church member Tricia Wiig said, "It's painful. It feels like a threat."

One family, whose son has Boy Scout meetings at the church cleaned off the graffiti hours after its discovery.

And now a new message has gone up, truly turning the other cheek. It reads "vandals welcome too."

"Yeah, I mean that. I'd want to talk with them first. Find out. Pray with them. But the point is, a lot of churches aren't welcoming to people who are different, and this church is," said Smith.

The church plans to hold a special service this Sunday to bless and re-dedicate the sign.