Veterans thanked by Rangers, Knicks legends

There are many ways to thank a veteran for their service. The New York Knicks and New York Rangers, however, recently had something very special in mind at their training facility. Veterans thought they were arriving to play on the courts and ice of the professional clubs, but they were in for quite a surprise. 

Navy men and women from USS The Sullivans weren’t only playing a pickup game on a professional court --They were coached by Knicks legends Latrell Sprewell and Earl Monroe.

“They sacrifice their lives for our freedom. So I mean, this is the least we could do,” Sprewell told FOX 5

On the other side of the training facility, former New York Rangers were waiting to surprise another group of veterans -- The coaches and parents of the West Point Youth Hockey Organization.

And although he’s played with Hall of Famers like Wayne Gretzky and Luc Robitaille, former Ranger Tom Laidlaw was in awe of the veterans. 

“You can tell that just that respect level coming from them to us, and we’re looking at it the other way around. We respect them so much, so it’s really special,” said Laidlaw.  

Watch the video to see this sincere surprise.