Victim’s daughter identifies tenant in apparent landlord dispute turned fatal

Antioch police say a 52-year-old man is dead following a shooting that resulted from a landlord-tenant dispute. 

Police responded to a home on the 3300 block of Garrow Drive at around 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday for a call that a man had been shot. 

A 50-year-old man, who police say was armed with a gun, was detained at the scene. Officers then located the victim lying outside the residence with gunshot wounds. He was taken to a local hospital where he later died. 

Neighbors of the quiet residential area told KTVU the shooting happened outside the victim's home.

KTVU has learned the victim's identity. Cosmo Baldazo, the tenant, was identified by his daughter. She said she came to the scene to pay her respects to her father. She had only reconnected with him in recent years and was not aware of any problems he may have had.

"I was just shocked because, who knows that something like this would ever happen?" said Dezare Orlando, Baldazo's daughter. "I wanted to mend things, you know? Just to heal inside. You know, not being able to have him in my life for so long. Even to try to build a relationship or even get to know him. Two years isn't enough."

She said her father was renting the home with his wife, who was seen at the crime scene with police, and two sons. 

Police are in preliminary stages of their investigation. The 50-year old is considered a person of interest and is being interviewed. 

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Neighbors spoke to us on condition of anonymity. They described hearing gunshots. 

"My mom thought somebody was banging on the door. It was just like a, bang, bang, bang! Like that. Short. Rapid," one neighbor said. "I seen a man laying on the front lawn and a man standing there with a gun."

Several neighbors said they've lived in the neighborhood for decades, but had little to no interaction with Baldazo and his family.

"They moved in I think two years ago," said neighbor Donna Rodriguez. "I've said hi to him, but I've never talked to him." 

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Baldazo was taken to the hospital where he died. KTVU's crew saw police remove a truck with a trailer that had a strong marijuana odor. Police have said little about their investigation. 

Garrow Drive was closed both directions and police had set up a detour. Police did not release any further details. 

Orlando said she was looking forward to building a relationship with her father, but is now looking for answers. "I kind of wish I had more time," she said.