VIDEO: Coyote enters Woodland Hills home through dog door

A coyote was caught on home surveillance video over the weekend entering a Woodland Hills home through the family's dog door.

Julie Levine shared the video from her home off Valley Circle. The break-in happened this past Friday. The coyote could be seen around 11:42 p.m. Friday, jumping onto a wall next to an alley outside the home. The coyote then jumps down to the ground below, walks down the alley, and then is seen disappearing through the wall of the house. According to Levine, the coyote made its way through the dog door. 

"Very bold to be in the house," Levine told FOX 11. Nearly three minutes later, at 11:45 p.m. the same coyote pokes its head out the door, jumps up onto the same wall and jumps over to the other side. 



Levine says that neither she nor her dogs saw the coyote, "until it left, then the dogs went nuts tracking. That's what alerted me to check the camera."

Levine says the dog door has since been blocked.