Video: Man steals from San Francisco Walgreens, stuffs items down pants

A video of a man stealing items from a San Francisco Walgreens circulated around social media Sunday.

The incident allegedly took place at a Walgreens on Geary and Taylor streets, and shows a man casually taking items off the shelves and stuffing them down his pants. 

A Walgreens employee follows him around the store as he continues to steal items. 

"Was getting some groceries at my local Walgreens when a barbarian ransacked the store," wrote Darren Stallcup on Twitter. "Asian American frontline worker (Mary) is NOT afraid. This is not her first rodeo!"

A second video shows the alleged thief leaving the store, and another worker can be heard telling him to "pull them drawers up."

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"Barbarian really showing his a**," said Stallcup. "Asian American worker Mary STILL ain’t scared. Going above and beyond the call of duty."

It's unclear whether San Francisco police showed up to the Walgreens during or after the incident.