Video: Out-of-control RV slams into cars along Altamont Pass

A shaken-up viewer took video Monday after he said he was hit by the driver of an out-of-control RV on Interstate 580 along the Altamont Pass in Livermore.

Alan Wang said the RV's driver hit a few cars as he was speeding down the shoulder of the road.

Wang can be heard on his video saying: "It was bumper to bumper and he was just plowing through everyone and just kept on going down the road, smashing into cars." 

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The RV driver then turned into traffic and hit more cars and kept driving.

The California Highway Patrol has not responded to questions about whether officers caught up with the driver or if anyone was hurt.

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An out-of-control RV crashed into multiple cars near the Altamont Pass on I-580 on July 17, 2023. A viewer shared photos of the aftermath. Photo:  Alan Wang

From: KTVU FOX 2