Video: Thieves take thousands from Danville home, ring doorbell at end to say 'we got you'

A group of thieves put on quite the show during a brazen home burglary in Danville.

The three burglars were caught on security video Tuesday around 7:25 p.m. at the home near Camino Tassajara and Wood Ranch. They are seen surveying from the backyard, falling into the pond, breaking in, then ringing the doorbell as they scurried away with arms full of stolen items.

The victim said they stole cash, jewelry, sunglasses, and bags worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"It was dark, and they surveyed the house from backyard to see if anyone was home before breaking slider," the victim told KTVU. 

You can see one intruder actually slip into the backyard pond as they surveyed the scene. 

The intruders rushed out the front door with all the stolen items, but not before one guy rang the doorbell, apparently to say "we got you," the victim said.

The burglars left in a white BMW X5. 

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"I just feel like they’re pretty brazen to go in, not knowing if people are in the home or not, and I feel like it’s a dangerous situation," the victim said.

Danville police and the Contra Costa Sheriff are investigating the burglary.