Warriors fans celebrate come-from-behind win

Warriors fans have lived by the slogan "We Believe" for years now, but inside Chase Center for Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference Finals, that faith was put to the test. The Warriors trailed the Dallas Mavericks until the fourth quarter when they finally surged to take the lead and win.

"It was up and down. It was a nail-biter," said Kenesha Mayfield, a Warriors fan from Hayward who joined the crowd that spilled onto the Thrive City plaza outside Chase Center after the game, "I always have faith in the Warriors because they're going to come back. And guess what? They did. So exciting."

Fan began arriving early in the afternoon before the 6 p.m. tipoff.

James Sundquist and Michell Musser of San Francisco were covered from head to toe in gold spray paint, posing with fans for photos.

The team's slogan for the season is "Gold-blooded" and every seat at Chase Center was covered in a gold t-shirt.

Even little kids went to the family activity center where there were balloon artists and face-painting to get their Warriors warpaint.

"We're super excited we got tickets to the game," said Mikki MacDonald of Halifax.

"Just spreading the joy and feeling the joy that's already there," said one of the artists.

Longtime Warriors fans were feeling the golden glow. Stanford basketball star Haley Jones said it was her first time attending a playoff game.

"It's amazing. I'm a Bay Area kid I'm from Santa Cruz, California so I was here when it was We Believe back in Oracle so it's really cool to be here. I've never been to a playoff game before, so it's dope," said Jones.

Alexander Hightower, an Oakland fan brought his "We Believe" t-shirt to the game.

"It's the oldest t-shirt I own," said Hightower, "OG Warriors fan. Used to have to pick a playoff team case we weren't doing it, but now we're in here."

"This was part of our vision that we could have the entire Thrive City area be alive," said John Bevan, Warriors Executive Vice-President of ticket sales, who was sporting his Warriors shirt under a suit jacket,  "It's my favorite time of the year when I can wear my suit with a t-shirt support the team."

It's a team, that even when it rises, stays true blue to its Dubnation roots in the community.

The Make-a-Wish bell-ringer was a young man named Juan from Dublin.

The singer for the national anthem was 17-year-old Nayah Damasen, a Bay Area native who lived in Vallejo and San Jose. She's become an actor and singing sensation after she got a start with the Warriors years ago. She says Friday night, singing in front of a crowd that included celebrities such as Adele, was an incredible honor.

"That was amazing, like all the lights and the pyro, it had a different vibe that was indescribable. I've been singing for them since I was 8- years-old, but something about that performance right there was different," said Damasen.

The Warriors tribe is like one big Bay Area family for many fans.

"You know, the home crowd, the energy, the vibe," said Francisco Guerra, who came to the game with his friend Roberto Gutierrez from Modesto.

There were also Mavericks fans who came to the game.

"I had to see Luka take on Steph Curry in the finals. What else brings me to San Francisco from Arkansas," said Jacob Wright, of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

To some, it was clear that Warriors fans aren't cold-blooded, but true to their slogan, "hearts-of-Gold-blooded."

"The fans are super sweet. It's amazing. I've never been anywhere where the fan have been so sweet to us," said Lacey Garrison, of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Jana Katsuyama is a reporter for KTVU.  Email Jana at jana.katsuyama@fox.com and follow her on Twitter @JanaKTVU or Facebook @NewsJana or ktvu.com.