WATCH: College basketball team surprises manager with tickets to meet Steph Curry

A women’s basketball team at a Pennsylvania university got into the giving spirit this weekend when they gave their team manager tickets to see her favorite player in action.

Video posted by the East Stroudsburg Women’s Basketball team shows team manager Rachel Grace opening gifts from the team during practice.

Rachel opens the bag to find some Stephen Curry themed socks, a Golden State Warriors lanyard, as well as a letter from her teammates.

Her teammates, who share the same mascot as the Warriors, stand around her as she reads their letter.

“We know all you wanted for Christmas was to meet your idol Steph Curry, so as your favorite Warriors, we wanted to let you know that your dream is about to come true. Steph is planning to fly you out to California to see a game,” Rachel reads with growing excitement, “… Steph is very excited to meet you.”

The letter ends with, “We love you Rach, Merry Christmas. Love, your sisters.”

Rachel stands up after reading the letter to a round of applause and begins hugging her teammates.