WATCH: Dog rescued from Korean meat farm gives birth to six adorable puppies

Rosa, the adorable, timid, very pregnant pup rescued from a Korean meat farm and brought to Tampa is a new mommy.

Rosa gave birth to six puppies, five males and one female, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay announced on its Facebook page.

Rosa is still very shy and stressed and won't allow humans to approach her, but the puppies all appear to be very healthy.

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"Because she will not allow humans to approach her she will be placed with a foster parent experienced with the kind of rehabilitation and environment she requires," the Humane Society said.

The puppies will be up for adoption sometime after they are eight weeks old and the Humane Society says they are not taking applications yet.

Rosa was rescued from the Korean meat farm earlier this month with 13 other dogs that journeyed to Tampa Bay. When Rosa arrived, volunteers noticed she was nervous and huddled in the corner, very pregnant and ready to give birth.

Many of the rescued dogs were afraid to leave their cages, and another rescued pup, Harriet, didn't know how to lay down in her bed and fell asleep sitting up until volunteers showed her.

WATCH: Volunteers show dog rescued from Korean meat farm how to sleep in her bed

The rescued dogs are a variety of breeds and sizes ranging from 115 pounds, down to about 20.

The shelter encourages people to stop by and take a look at the dogs during their opening hours before they go up for adoption. 

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