What about after-school programs and sports during the Oakland teacher strike?

FILE ART - Oakland students work in a garden at school

Oakland schools will technically be open during the teacher strike planned for Thursday, and the school district said that all state and federally funded after-school programs will be up and running as well. 

The district said that parents should check in at their individual schools to see if the specific program will be affected or not.

Students can attend after-school programs only if they regularly attend school during the regular school day. If  students do not attend school during the strike then they are not allowed into the after-school program.

As for after-school sports during the strike, that all depends. If a teacher in the union is the coach, then the answer is most likely no. If the coach is a non-union employee, then the answer is maybe. At Claremont Middle School, for example, there will be no after-school sports. Check in at your individual school to find out. 

Additionally, all middle school sports this weekend are cancelled, according to district spokesman John Sasaki. Spring sports competitions are also postponed. However, winter sports playoffs will continue as planned. 

The Oakland Athletic League is canceling some extracurricular sports activities during the strike. Call them with specific questions: 510-879-2846.