Woman allegedly fires gun into air after confronted by a parent for offering 5-year-old marijuana

Tiffany Payne was charged with criminal threats, discharge of firearm, and child abuse for allegedly trying to give a child marijuana. She also allegedly fired a gun into the air once confronted. (Berkeley Police Department)

A woman is accused of shooting a gun into the air after being confronted by a parent for offering a child marijuana, according to arrest records.

Records show that on Aug. 29 Tiffany Payne approached a 5-year-old in front of 2227 Bonar Street and attempted to hand the child suspected marijuana.

The child's mother confronted Payne, who then pulled out a concealed fire and pointed it at the woman's head from a few feet away, Berkeley police wrote. 

Authorities said Payne then fired a shot into the air and said "the next one is for you."

Officers said two small children were standing next to the victim when the shot rang out.

A 9mm Luger shell casing was recovered at the scene. The incident was also captured on surveillance video.

A warranted was issued for Payne's arrest along with a search warrant for her home in Bay Point.

She was arrested at her home on Tuesday where investigators found a 9mm Springfield XD-9 handgun under her mattress.

A records check showed the firearm was stolen during a robbery incident in Oakland which Payne was previously arrested for, authorities said.

Payne was released from custody on bail for the Oakland case.

After her arrest in the Berkeley incident, Payne confessed to the shooting, authorities said.