Woman at center of Oakland Police sex scandal arrested in Florida

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This woman, who calls herself Celeste Guap and is a self-described call girl, is going to rehab. 

The woman at the center of a Bay Area law enforcement sex-exploitation scandal has been arrested in Florida.

The arrest record identifies the woman as Jasmine Celeste Abuslin, although local media has referred to her as Celeste Guap. Abuslin is a self-described call girl, who was in Florida for rehab.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, she was arrested Monday for aggravated battery. Her bail was set at $300,000.

The police report says Guap ran from the rehab facility, removed her shirt, and flashed passing cars. 

A security officer convinced her to return to the facility, where the report says Guap became violent, biting one of the security guards on his arm. 

Once under arrest, the report says Guap was in the backseat of a patrol car and began beating her head against the car window and had to be restrained further to prevent her from hurting herself. 

In our previous report, Abuslin confirmed in a text to KTVU crime reporter Henry Lee that she would undergo treatment in Florida for substance abuse and sex addiction.

She also said the Richmond Police Department is picking up the tab. The department wasn’t commenting.
Abuslin has said she had sexual relations with officers from a number of Bay Area police departments, including Oakland, Richmond and San Francisco police and the Alameda and Contra Costa County sheriff's departments.

But Richmond city and police officials have told KTVU no city funds or taxpayer dollars are involved. Authorities say they cannot divulge the funding source because doing so could violate state law. 

Abuslin turns 19 this month, but some of the alleged interactions happened while she was underage.
The scandal broke wide open in May when it was revealed that an Oakland police officer had shot and killed himself in his apartment in September 2015. Sources say he left a note that referred to 'Guap' and other officers. 

Abuslin is the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher.

Several Oakland police officers and a Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy have resigned. An Alameda County district attorney's inspector, who was a former Oakland police captain, was removed from his job amid allegations that he had improper online contact with Abuslin.

Several Richmond officers are under investigation, and one of them remains on leave.

The scandal ultimately led to the ouster of Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent over his alleged mishandling of the internal investigation.