Woman fends off burglars with samurai sword

A woman used a samurai sword earlier this week to scare off a group of would-be burglars in Hercules.

The incident happened about 7 p.m. Tuesday evening at a home on the 1600 block of Partridge Drive.

One of the suspects knocked on the door, then told the person who opened door that he had the wrong house.

As the victim started to close the door, three men forced their way inside. One of them began grappling with one of the residents, but a woman who lives at the home fought back.

"One of the other residents, a roommate, grabbed a samurai sword, preparing to defend herself," said Hercules police spokeswoman Connie Van Putten. "And all of the suspects ran out the door and fled in a vehicle."

Van Putten said it's more common for residents to be armed with more traditional weapons around the house, like a baseball bat. She said she didn't have any information on the dimensions of the samurai sword.

The three men jumped into a car, possibly driven by a fourth person, and fled the scene.

Neighbors say they were surprised by the incident.

"I think it's good she had a sword," said neighbor Karlee Davis. "I have a baseball bat by the front door. It's definitely made us all, the neighbors talk to each other a lot more, a little bit more alert about keeping an eye out for suspicious activity."

Asked what he thought about the woman using a sword, neighbor Rudy Yambao said, "Oh i have no idea, but it's very unusual. Maybe the owner is very brave."

No arrests have been made in the incident.