Woman gives birth in bushes in San Francisco Golden Gate Park

Robert Valencia | Flickr

A woman gave birth in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park early Monday morning, according to a fire department spokesman. 

Fire officials said they received a 911 call of a woman giving birth behind the Rose Garden at around  4 a.m., department spokesman Jonathan Baxter said.

Firefighters arrived on scene and located a 33-year-old woman who had given birth in some bushes.

They called two ambulances to transport mother and baby to California Pacific Medical Center on California Street.

Fire officials said the two were in fair condition when they were brought to the hospital. 

Baxter said the 911 report came from an anonymous caller from a mobile phone.

That person was not on scene when emergency crews arrived. 

It was unclear whether anyone was with the woman when she gave birth. It's also unclear whether she is homeless or what she was doing in the park at that hour.

The temperature was below 50 degrees in San Francisco early Monday morning.

Officials said they respond to numerous emergency calls for women in labor, but said it is very unusual to have a baby born outside, in the bushes.

Baxter said the incident highlighted the need for people in the community to call 311 if they see someone in need of services in San Francisco.

"We're asking members of the public that if they see something, say something," Baxter said.

In the event of an emergency, people should contact 911.