Woman leaving for church shoots and kills intruder on Detroit's west side

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Three women were leaving their home off Mark Twain near West Chicago in Detroit to go to church Sunday morning when a man approached them and forced them back into the home. 

One of the women acted quickly, reaching for a gun then firing at the intruder.  

“I was about to go to church when I heard the shots they put up the crime tape and I went to church,” neighbor Lashundra Craig said.

Those shots came from Lashundra Craig's neighbor around 10:30 Sunday morning. 

Three women ages 75, 55 and 29 were leaving for church when a man lurking outside forced them back in.

The 55-year-old retrieved a gun firing twice at the intruder, hitting him at least once in the chest - a fatal shot.

Fox 2: “Do you think you could have pulled the trigger like that woman did?”

“Yes, I don't own a gun but if I did and they were in my house yes,” Craig said.  

The woman who pulled the trigger won't face any charges; Detroit Police say it was self defense. 

Lashundra gives the woman credit for doing what she had to but isn't surprised.

“Something else happened again, it's pretty normal over here my house was broke into less than a month ago,” Craig said, 

The break-in happened in broad daylight when Lashundra and her two daughters were gone.  

“I try to keep them away from my own home as much as possible but that's what we have to do,” she said.

She says on this block it's mostly elderly people and single mother's like her…she thinks it's why they're constantly a target. 

“Watch your back, like I'm on the corner I got trees and woods they could be waiting anywhere for you,” she said.