Woman robbed, dragged by getaway car in San Francisco

A woman was robbed of her purse and then dragged by the getaway car in San Francisco, the latest crime involving a victim of Asian descent in the Bay Area.

The 33-year-old woman is seen on video clinging to a gold 2000 Toyota Camry carrying the suspects who had just robbed her of her purse near Polk and Bush streets at about 3:45 p.m. Sunday.

A few moments later, the woman is knocked to the ground as the car speeds off.

"It's just a really a sad day for San Francisco," said Benjamin Freemantle, who heard the commotion and began recording on his phone.

"I was like more in disbelief that someone in the middle of the day, on a sunny Sunday, on a busy street, had the audacity to just jump these women who were just minding their own business," Freemantle said.

Police said during the struggle over the woman's purse,  she was punched in the face and kicked. Her friend tried to help, but both the women fell to the ground. The suspects ran to the Camry and the victim grabbed onto the car to try and get her purse back.

"She was not going to let them have it, and part of me understands why, she doesn't want them to win," Freemantle said.

But the robbers did make off with the woman's purse.

Freemantle said he was disheartened that another person of Asian descent was victimized in San Francisco.

"It's just constantly happening in the city, all over the place," Freemantle said. "And I'm just scared for that community of people who have to go through their life not only with the pandemic, but this piled on top of it."