Woman shoots down a drone flying over Robert Duvall's house

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FAUQUIER COUNTY, Virginia (FOX) - A Fauquier County woman shot down a drone flying over Robert Duvall's house.

The woman, Jennifer Youngman, lives in a quiet, lush area of Fauquier County west of Washington, D.C.

Youngman has been a longtime neighbor of actor Robert Duvall and says recently she saw two men hanging around his property flying a drone. She believes they were paparazzi.

When a strong gust of wind blew the drone over her yard, she took action. She shot down the drone with the gun she happened to be cleaning.

Youngman says her 20-gauge Italian Beretta caused the drone to take a premature landing in her lawn, scattering into pieces.

The two men started to come over but she yelled at them for trespassing, scaring them off.

Youngman says, "It's just my belief to give people their privacy... and when it came, I just reached my gun up like this - 'pow' - and got it."

Ultimately Youngman did not file a police report, so it's unknown if the two men were breaking any actual laws.