Woman shot, killed in East Oakland

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Oakland homicide detectives are investigating the shooting death of a woman that happened Tuesday afternoon at a home on Fresno Street off of 73rd.

The body of Marnee Causey, 24, was found on the front porch and police were searching for clues in the woman's death.

"She saved my life. I matured a lot because of her, a lot because of her.  There was a lot I didn't care about, I started caring about my life because of her," says the victim's mother Kenitra Love. 

Causey was Love's oldest child. Now she's the latest victim of gun violence on Oakland's streets.  Police say just after 3 p.m. Causey was shot and killed at her family's home.  "People out here taking people's live, they don't understand what they are doing to people's families," says Love.

"My sister ain't never did nothing to nobody. She's the one who got me working and stuff," says the victim's brother, Bones Causey. 

It was during this interview that KTVU's Paul Chambers realized he knew the victim's brother, who was recently released from jail.  Causey says his sister told him he needed to turn his life around or she wouldn't have anything to do with him.  "Me and my sister are like this.  We got matching tattoos of her daughter’s name. She said I'm not messing with you unless you do what you got to do," says Causey. 

Those we spoke to off camera believe the victim was an innocent bystander.  Members of the community say the shooting was in retaliation for recent shootings in the area. Some say the area is plagued with gang violence. 

"If it is in fact a gang-related issue this is something we're absolutely going to look into and make sure we take all measures and resources to address that if that's the case," says Oakland Police Officer Marco Marquez. 

The entire family gathered together this past weekend for a family celebration.

After the party, Marnee Causey took her siblings home with her to give her mother a break. That was the last time they saw each other, because Causey was dropping them all of when she was shot. 

"I'm giving you a break mama, because you work hard. Mama I'm going to let you get your break and she gave me my break and that's the last time I saw her," says Love.  

Oakland police have not released any suspect information or motive at this time.