Woman steals customer's keys at checkout line, Alameda Co. deputies return pickup

Alameda County sheriffs deputies reunite a victim with her Toyota Tacoma. Photo: Alameda County Sheriff FB 

A seemingly friendly woman in a checkout line engaged another woman at the grocery store, stealing her keys and then her Toyota Tacoma, which Alameda County sheriff's deputies were able to find and return to the victim.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the sheriff said that suspect Sandra Renee Warner, 53, chatted up the victim at the store, diverting the victim's attention, allowing her to swipe her keys and then her pickup.

The sheriff did not say what store this occurred at, or what day. 

After that encounter, the victim thought she had actually misplaced her keys, locking them in her pickup.

She went out to the parking lot, deputies said, and found her pickup was missing.

Deputies B. Nagy and J. Aranda responded and got video surveillance footage of what happened, according to the sheriff's Facebook post. 

Detective D. Wilson was able to recover the pickup after spotting it at a Walmart in San Leandro, and detectives C. Vancott and K. Feagely returned this victim's vehicle to her.

The sheriff didn't name the victim but posted a photo of her with two deputies on Facebook. 

Warner was arrested on suspicion of felony vehicle theft. 

She has been released from custody.