Woman turns to Facebook to find Good Samaritan

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A St. Petersburg woman who survived a rollover crash on the Howard Frankland Bridge over the weekend says she was blessed to survive and is hoping to find the people who helped her so she can thank them.

Morgan Elizabeth Parks was returning home Sunday from Tampa after taking her father, who's battling cancer, to Tampa General Hospital when she says another vehicle cut her off, causing her to hit the brakes, fishtail, and careen into the median. Her red Ford Explorer flipped several times.

Parks has since taken to Facebook to try and find and thank those who stopped to help and care for her. "In particular, I'm looking for this RN, she was the one to help me from the wreckage, she held my hand, she calmed me, examined me, help apply pressure to my bleeding head wound," she said. "And then like an angel she was gone."

Parks said in her post that she didn't remember her name, but she remembers her face. "You were very sweet and yet very confident. I never felt like I was alone with you."

Parks describes the woman as having light hair, wearing a pale blue shirt, wearing a simple gold chain necklace with possibly a diamond pendant.

In her post, she also thanks the firefighter who climbed through the wreckage to search for her glasses, EMTs, and police who called and calmed her mother. "I know you are simply doing your job, but for me it made all the difference in the world and for that I want to thank you," she wrote.

Parks believes the nurse may be from Minnesota and in Florida on vacation.

Parks has several staples in her head, a concussion, and some bruises but will be OK.

Florida Highway Patrol says debris from the crash caused secondary collisions to vehicles traveling northbound on the bridge. No charges have been filed.

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